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[Great Company stays GREAT]

LONG $NYSE:NET, what about you guys? Let me know in the comment down below!

P.S. Not a buy or sell recommendation.


Ming Yao


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Cloudflare, Inc. (NET) CEO Matthew Prince on Q2 2022 Results - Earnings Call Transcript

Cloudflare, Inc. (NET)

Q2 2022 Results Conference Call

August 04, 2022 05:00 PM ET

Company Participants

Jayson Noland - VP, IR

Matthew Prince - Co-Founder and CEO

Michelle Zatlyn - Co-Founder, President and COO



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[Haven't been posting in a while]

Hey everyone, been a while since I shared some interesting stuff.

Seen a lot of community members commenting about $NYSE:BABA on the drop in share price and regulations clamping on them.

I went to their income statement (see image 1 below) and found something...


[Earnings Update Series]

Our Coach @frogxuan shared on $NASDAQ:META first-quarter earnings report.

In the post, he shared about 4 key summaries and 4 possible headwinds, including some overall comments.

Do give it a read and like the post if you enjoyed it.


Ming Yao


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$NASDAQ:META Q1 2022 Earnings Summary

Do give a after reading!

LTM Advertising Revenue: $116.4 Billion (97.3%) [Increase 26% YoY]

LTM Other Revenue: $738 Million (0.6%) [Increased 42%*]

LTM Reality Labs Revenue: $2.4 Billion (2.0%) [Increased 42%*]

* Reality Labs Revenue only separated out...


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🔥 VI Coaching 中文 - 元宇宙的投資策略佈局 (二)🔥

這期將會再分享更多戰略進階指標, 認真上課, 留言讓我知道你的心得收穫, 超過100則留言就送大家精心準備給大家的BONUS 小禮物 - 元宇宙關鍵指標檢視表!!

🌐 今晚8點 課程大綱:

📌 元宇宙的投資策略(一)複習

📌 關鍵投資戰略進階指標

📌 企業元宇宙策略分析

@vicollege中文 @vicoaching $NASDAQ:MSFT $NasdaqGS:GOOGL $NASDAQ:FB

#最強導師教練團 @vicollege中文 #VITaiwan

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What are your view? Do comment and let me know below.

Personally, I prefer 'C'

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[My Feeling Of Owning A Building At Marina Bay]

Morning @askminanhowto #community

it’s 26 April


Singapore has removed its workforce capacity limit at workplaces.

Do you

A. Work from home

B. Work from office

C. A mix

For myself, I chose B.

How about you? Drop yours in comments below👇🏻

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新年就要Ching Ching Ching,听见钱的声音!马上点击观看由VI呈现的虎年主题曲【累积幸福Ching Ching Ching】MV,收获来自我们的祝福!别忘了!我们还有分享赢奖活动哟!

>> https://youtu.be/qccVypV9UVk <<


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