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Your inputs are important!

Hey VI Coaching Community!

I am preparing the content for my next sharing on 30 Aug 2022. I would like to gather some inputs from everyone on what you would like me to share for the upcoming and future VI Coaching :)

Do fill up the google form: https://forms.gle/DDoJsVHXvZLJ3FhKA

- Jia Xuan


Is the situation in China getting better?

What's your thoughts in this? Comment below 👇👇👇



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$NASDAQ:GDRX Q2 2022 Earnings (8 Aug 2022)

I have been waiting for their Q2 earnings call to be out and I am happy with the announcement that the grocer issue that was mentioned in my previous Q1 2022 earnings' summary has been addressed. If you have yet to see Q1 2022 earnings, click here



I have received some questions previously on $NYSE:BABA $SEHK:09988 and their announcement of a dual-primary listing on NYSE AND HKSE.

What is this about?

Alibaba wants to upgrade their secondary listing on HKSE to a primary listing.

Doing so will improve liquidity (increase trading...


FY2023 Q1 Earnings $NYSE:BABA (4 Aug 2022)

Q1 Numbers don’t look good… 😥

Alibaba reported its FY2023 Q1 Earnings on 4 Aug 2022. Here are some of my key takeaways and opinion:

Overall, Alibaba’s Q1 Revenue had remained flat as compared to 1 year ago. For a growth company, not seeing...


Are you ready for a cleaner Singapore?


When it comes to cleanliness, I would say Singapore is in the "not bad" range. How about the way we consume energy?

SG is pushing for EV! 100% cleaner energy vehicles by 2040!

EV is one...

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