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Hello to all sifu may I know what is the different between $NasdaqGS:GOOG and $NasdaqGS:GOOGL ?

Thankyouu @ritchie

@chernhong @yeeshengchoon12 @alexng

Hello all, just want to clarify on the management remuneration part, in the Annual report 2022 mentions key executives total remuneration is SGD1.7M while the company Net Profit after tax is SGD3.6M, isn’t this means the key executive remuneration/Net profit after tax is 47%??

Please correct me if I am wrong thankyou!


$ASX:8VI @chernhong @yeeshengchoon12

Hello all, can I ask normally you guys will mainly use GAAP or Non GAAP to measure the company financial report?

From what I know Non GAAP alr excluded one time expenses, so it means that non GAAP financial report is more accurate in reflecting the company earning? Thank youuu



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Hello all I did a sell put on $NASDAQ:IDN at price 7.50, now the price dropped to 6.90, but why the option is not exercised? Is it because the buyer still didn’t plan to sell the shares to me?

@ritchie @mingyaowong @vi中文

Hello may I know is it a must to use margin account to learn VIOS plus? If yes isn’t be risky? Since it’s a margin acc. Hope can get some insight thank you

@daniel.valueinvestor @derricklau @ericong @mingyaowong @ritchie

@chernhong @visubscriber @alexng @yeeshengchoon12 @vicollege

Hello all! I m going to attend VIOS plus soon, is it ok to use IBKR to trade option? Because recently IBKR just removed the inactivity fee and also easier for me to transfer money in with lower cost, thats why i prefer IBKR rather than TD, hope can get some advice from anyone thankyouu

@derricklau @daniel.valueinvestor @ritchie @mingyaowong

@yeeshengchoon12 @visubscriber @chernhong @alexng

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