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China to see 520,000 retail sales of passenger NEVs in August - CPCA

  • For the current month, retail sales of new energy passenger vehicles in China are expected to reach 520,000 units, up 108.3% Y/Y and up 7% from July, as per China Passenger Car Association report.
  • All passenger vehicle sales in China are expected to be 1.88M units in...


NIO partners with highway service manager to speed up construction of battery swap station network

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NIO has entered into a partnership with a highway service manager in Henan province to help speed up the construction of a battery swap station network. This partnership will help NIO to expand its battery swap station network quickly and efficiently, and...


NIO: Don't Fear The Weakness In China's Economy - Buy This Pullback


We follow up on our previous update on NIO Inc. (NIO) in June, as we urged investors to be wary of buying into the rapid surge from its May long-term bottom.

We posited a pullback was imminent and suggested investors wait patiently for a deeper...


Nio opens largest service center in China to date

  • Nio (NYSE:NIO) has inaugurated its largest service center in China to date, CnEVPost reported on Thursday.
  • The Chinese automobile maker set up a new service center in Shanghai's Songjiang district, its 10th in the...


NIO partners highway service manager in Henan province to speed up battery swap network

  • Chinese electric vehicle maker NIO (NYSE:NIO) entered into a partnership agreement with a highway service manager in Henan province to help speed up the construction of a battery swap station network, CnEVPost reported late on...


NIO: Delisting, Supply Constraints, And A Faltering Chinese Economy

The NIO stock (NIO) has been range-bound at the $20-level in recent months after the run-up through June on accelerating production and delivery ramp-up improvements as China's monthslong COVID disruptions to supply chains started to ease. Other positive catalysts that have...

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Nio is a leading electric vehicle maker targeting the premium segment. Founded in November 2014, Nio designs, develops, jointly manufactures, and sells premium smart electric vehicles. The company differentiates itself through continuous technological breakthroughs and innovations such as battery swapping and autonomous driving technologies. Nio launched the first model, its ES8 seven-seater electric SUV in December 2017, and began deliveries in June 2018. Its current model portfolio includes midsize to large sedans and SUVs. It sold over 91,000 EVs in 2021, accounting for about 2.7% of the China passenger new energy vehicle market.
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