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Disney World Raising Ticket Prices for Holiday Travel Period

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Walt Disney World is raising ticket prices for the holiday travel period, alongside implementation of park-specific pricing for its one-day one-park tickets. Prices will still vary by park and by date. Walt Disney World is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world,...


Walt Disney's stock falls 6.9% after mixed earnings results

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Walt Disney's stock is 6.9% lower after hours following a miss on top and bottom lines in its fiscal fourth-quarter earnings. A closely watched number for streaming subscribers came in impressive, but operating income on the entertainment side tumbled amid heavy streaming...


US TV Time in October 2022:

• 37% Streaming (+9pp Y/Y).

• 33% Cable (-4pp Y/Y).

• 26% Broadcast (-2pp Y/Y).

• 4% Other (-3pp Y/Y).

Streaming breakdown (37% of total):

• 8.5% YouTube $NasdaqGS:GOOGL (+2.7pp Y/Y).

• 7.2% Netflix $NASDAQ:NFLX (+0.4pp Y/Y).

• 4.0% Hulu (+0.8pp Y/Y).

• 2.8% Prime Video $NASDAQ:AMZN (+0.7pp Y/Y).

• 2.0% Disney+ $NYSE:DIS (+0.6pp Y/Y).

• 12.8% Other Streaming (+3.7pp Y/Y).

Is It Worth It To Hang On To Disney?


Disney appears to be a company struggling with no consistent growth story. Fundamentals over the last five years have proven to be mixed, while the technical analysis shows negative stock price declines. Moreover, there appears to be no sign of reversal...


Shanghai Disney getting partial reopening after October shutdown

  • Shanghai Disney Resort (NYSE:DIS) is set for a partial reopening after a couple of weeks of total shutdown due to COVID-19.
  • The resort shut down entirely Oct. 31 after a positive COVID-19 test.
  • Now, it says...


Disney World boosts prices as parks demand continues surge

Walt Disney (NYSE:DIS) is flexing some pricing power for its surging theme parks, raising ticket prices for Walt Disney World for the holiday travel period.

That comes alongside implementation of park-specific pricing for its...

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Walt Disney owns the rights to some of the most globally recognized characters, from Mickey Mouse to Luke Skywalker. These characters and others are featured in several Disney theme parks around the world. Disney makes live-action and animated films under studios such as Pixar, Marvel, and Lucasfilm and also operates media networks including ESPN and several TV production studios. Disney recently reorganized into four segments with one new segment: direct-to-consumer and international. The new segment includes the two announced OTT offerings, ESPN+ and the Disney SVOD service. The plan also combines two segments, parks and resorts and consumer products, into one. The media networks group contains the U.S. cable channels and ABC. The studio segment holds the movie production assets.
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