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Each image shows how company transforming their Business:

🔃 Spotify $NYSE:SPOT




🔃 Microsoft $NASDAQ:MSFT

🔃 Google $NasdaqGS:GOOGL

🔃 Netflix $NASDAQ:NFLX

Apple ($NASDAQ:AAPL ) Services revenue was $19.2 billion last quarter Revenue Q3 2022.

It was more than:

🔴 Netflix $NASDAQ:NFLX

🟠 Mastercard $NYSE:MA

🟢 Spotify $NYSE:SPOT

🟣 HBO Max & Discovery

Netflix shares surge on buy rating from analyst Jessica Reif Ehrlich

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Netflix, Inc. is an American streaming media provider and production company headquartered in Los Gatos, California. The company's primary business is a subscription-based streaming service offering online streaming from a library of films and television series, including those...


US TV Time in October 2022:

• 37% Streaming (+9pp Y/Y).

• 33% Cable (-4pp Y/Y).

• 26% Broadcast (-2pp Y/Y).

• 4% Other (-3pp Y/Y).

Streaming breakdown (37% of total):

• 8.5% YouTube $NasdaqGS:GOOGL (+2.7pp Y/Y).

• 7.2% Netflix $NASDAQ:NFLX (+0.4pp Y/Y).

• 4.0% Hulu (+0.8pp Y/Y).

• 2.8% Prime Video $NASDAQ:AMZN (+0.7pp Y/Y).

• 2.0% Disney+ $NYSE:DIS (+0.6pp Y/Y).

• 12.8% Other Streaming (+3.7pp Y/Y).

NETFLIX: Why this time last year is completely different for tech stocks

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The company has been through a lot of ups and downs, but has always managed to stay afloat. Over the past year, however, things have changed dramatically for NETFLIX. This is largely due to the company's strong performance in recent quarters, as well as the overall bullishness of...


Netflix Offers No Guidance, Unclear If Rally Will Continue

Netflix (NFLX) has been a substandard performer compared to other FANG stocks, including Meta (META), Apple (AAPL), and Alphabet (GOOG)(GOOGL). During the pandemic, Netflix has appeared to strengthen its stock price as people were locked in their homes. However, this year...

281.17 -1.5%
Netflix's primary business is a streaming video on demand service now available in almost every country worldwide except China. The firm primarily generates revenue from subscriptions to its eponymous service. Netflix delivers original and third-party digital video content to PCs, internet-connected TVs, and consumer electronic devices, including tablets, video game consoles, Apple TV, Roku, and Chromecast. Netflix is the largest SVOD platform in the world with over 220 million subscribers globally.
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